Hartley Concertmaster
ONKYO Scepter 500
TAD Exclusive 2404

my experiences, findings and recommendations for a buy

1.) In my opinion are the speakers by far most important for the music-reproduction. Speakers influence the sound decisive. The best way is to spend such money as possible for the speakers. Speaker's sounds very different, an test and an comparison is very important. The quality rise with the price, in any case up to about 2.000 dollars. A good idea is also to buy for the same money an better model but second-hand. Audio-magazines are unqualified and misleading for an purchase decision.

2.) Devices (CD-player and amplifier) have, apart from low-budget-devices, a surprising small influence. If you have a CD-player (about 300 dollars) and an amplifier (about 600 dollars) you don’t need to show for new devices. It’s better to spend this money also for the speakers.

CD-player: sounds often different because differences in the analogue section or digital filter with different sound-characters. Often sounds an more expensive CD-player different, but seldom better.

3.) The cables has not influences of the sound, so far there are solid and good connected. A solid cable (speaker-cable, interconnecting-cable or power-cable) cost about 10 to 30 dollars, more is not necessary. In professional use (recordings from concerts or in radio-stations) normally use not more expensive cables.

4.) Built up your High-end-system from behind. Choose first the right speaker, after that choose (if it necessary) the other components.

McIntosh MAC-1500
McIntosh MC 240
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